Bursaries for ABA

Please carefully read the following information about The Joe Noakes Trust’s means-tested bursary eligibility. If you feel you may be eligible for financial support please contact The Joe Noakes Trust at info@thejoenoakestrust.org  for a confidential Bursary Application Form. Please note, we encourage applications from all backgrounds and cultures.


The Joe Noakes Trust Bursary offers means-tested ABA support to young children under the age of 5 in the East Anglian region (covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire) with an income of less than £45,000.00 per annum.

Parents of successful applicants will be expected to proactively apply for Local Authority financial funding using the data collected during the first year of their child’s intensive home ABA programme. Unfortunately, The Joe Noakes Trust cannot guarantee funding past year one of the programme, and applications will need to be repeated annually.


We require parents applying for the bursary to complete an application form annually, and to provide documentary proof of income, such as a P60 or self-employed tax return. The Trustees also ask for proof of savings and capital assets, including the value of and equity in the family home and details of monthly mortgage or rental payments. The Trustees assess eligibility based on household income, but will make some adjustment to allow for other dependent children. Parents are asked to declare that the information they are providing is both accurate and complete. If the information provided is subsequently discovered to be false or misleading, The Joe Noakes Trust  Trustees reserve the right to withdraw the means-tested ABA bursary, and ask for full repayment of any funds.


Along with a fully completed Bursary Application, we also ask you to include a covering letter to enable us to get to know you, your child and your family circumstances. Please also explain your understanding of ABA and why you think this is the right intervention for your child. ABA is not an easy option and to ensure optimum results requires incredible commitment and hard work from parents and extended family. Please demonstrate how you will factor an ABA programme into your current circumstances.

We also ask for a letter of recommendation from any professional involved with your child.

Once all the required information is submitted, we will endeavour to assess and reply within 6 weeks.

Before submitting your application, please check all the following information has been included:

  • Fully completed bursary application form
  • Covering letter
  • Professional reference
  • Child’s Diagnosis including all current statements, reports etc
  • Bank statements including mortgage, overdrafts, credit card statements
  • Proof of: Income, Investments, social security benefits, maintenance payments, child support maintenance
  • Details of other commitments ie. Council tax, water rates, utility bills, Interest on loans, Food, Clothing, car payments, holiday costs etc