Meet Mason!

Mason started his ABA journey in October 2018 and we couldn’t be prouder of him. We are extremely grateful to all our supporters for enabling us to support Mason in reaching his full potential. Oh, and by the way, he’s having a brilliant time doing it!

Here’s a few word’s from Mason’s Mum:

“It goes without saying Masons ABA programme is having such a positive impact in so many different aspects of his life. He has built great relationships with his tutors and his BCBA – programme supervisor and above all, he is having so much fun whilst he’s learning!

In just a few short months Mason has reached milestones we thought were years away before we started our ABA journey. By using ABA principles, his self-care skills have blossomed and he has achieved huge independent skills.

ABA works, and has been life changing, not just for Mason, but for us all as a family. It’s just simply the best to see your child learning new skills and doing so with such joy.

We cannot put into words how grateful we are to the Joe Noakes Trust and to each and every person who has, and continues to donate and give up their time to support the Charity. You are helping Mason tap into his true potential, making him smile in the process and leading him to a brighter future.

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